Welcome to Electrotech, we are pleased to offer a wide range of services including ECU Remapping, DPF Removal, Pixel Repairs, Speedometer Repairs, Crash Data Reset, Diagnostics and much more. Electrotech works out of the main office in Cheadle Heath and provides a Mobile service to a number of areas in the UK. Please select the service you require from the list below to find out more information.

ECU Remapping

Electrotech can remap most vehicles through the OBD-2 Port, we can increase BHP and also increase your MPG.

BHP Increases up to 25%
MPG Increase up to 15%

With ECU remapping from Electrotech, it is possible to enjoy an increase in your car’s power and performance, while also benefiting from a better quality drive. You can even increase your petrol consumption so that you pay less at the pump without having to change the way you drive. Drivers no longer need to be restricted by the stock map data that is used in virtually all modern cars and you can have a car that perfectly matches your driving style and conditions.

Crash Data Reset

When a vehicle has been involved in a collision and the airbags have been deployed the Airbag ECU will record crash data, this data will sometimes stop the vehicle starting, and or display light on the dashboard, we can clear this data so you do not need to buy a new Airbag ECU. Take a look at our crash data reset section to find out more about the service we offer.

Instrument Cluster Repairs

There are various known problems/faults with Vehicle instrument clusters, Often Pixels become unreadable, or needles stop working, or complete failure. Often these faults can be repaired, saving you the hassle of replacing the instrument cluster. Take a look at our Instrument Cluster Repairs section to find out more about the repair services we offer and the manufacturers we cover.

Vehicle Diagnostics

We have Dealer Level Diagnostics machines for most vehicles, We have VAG COM Dealer Level Tool for ALL VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda Vehicles. We also have Snap on Diagnostic Tools that cover almost all Makes and Models.