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We are pleased to offer a wide range of services including
ECU Remapping, Instrument Cluster Repairs, Crash Data Reset, Diagnostics and much more. Here at Electrotech we work out of our main office in South Manchester, just near the airport and we also provide a mobile service to a number of areas in the UK. Please select the service you require to find out more information.

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Electrotech can remap most vehicles through the OBD-2 Port. Our ECU remapping service can unlock the true potential of your engine ECU with increases in BHP and also MPG.

BHP Increases up to 30%
MPG Increase up to 20%

With ECU remapping from Electrotech, it is possible to enjoy an increase in your car’s power and performance, while also benefiting from a better quality drive. You can even increase your petrol/diesel consumption so that you pay less at the pump without having to change the way you drive. Drivers no longer need to be restricted by the stock map data that is used in virtually all modern cars and you can have a car that perfectly matches your driving style and conditions. based in manchester we offer a service for ecu remapping manchester. We can offer many different ECU remaps. Please have a look at our ECU Remapping section or Contact Us for more information.

We offer Diesel Remap and Petrol ECU Remaps for almost all engines.

When a vehicle has been involved in a collision and the airbags have been deployed the airbag ECU (SRS Module) will record crash data. This data can sometimes stop the vehicle starting, and/or display a light on the dashboard which subsequently prevents the SRS/Airbag system from working correctly. We can reset this data so you do not need to buy a new airbag ECU. Take a look at our Crash Data Removal section to find out more about the service we offer.

There are various known problems/faults with many different instrument clusters found in almost all vehicle manufacturers. Most of which can be repaired with our faulty Instrument Cluster Repairs or speedo repairs

Often pixels become unreadable, or needles can stop working, or even experience complete failure. Often these faults can be repaired, saving you the hassle of replacing the instrument cluster. Take a look at our Cluster Repair section to find out more about the repair services we offer and the many different manufacturers we cover. Speedometer repairs are possible on many different types of speedometer.

We have dealer level diagnostics/programming/coding tools for most vehicles including BMW, FORD, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda Vehicles. We also have snap on diagnostic tools that cover almost all makes and models. Please Contact Us to discuss your specific requirements regarding vehicle diagnostics/ programming/ coding etc.

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Cluster Repair .

Electrotech offer a range of different Instrument cluster repairs, from fixing broken speedometers to pixel repairs and more.

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What Our Customers Think ?

"Absolutely top class job and service!
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Absolutely top class job and service! These guys sorted my Ford Focus instrument cluster out for a an excellent price and saved me £100's on what I would have had to pay direct with Ford's quote in the process. Although I believe you can send your unit in I actually live not far from the business location and called up and was able to drop it off at reception.
"I would heartily recommend this company to anyone
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I would heartily recommend this company to anyone. I called them after my car kept on losing power. Lee came to my house and removed the part which we thought was the problem. After a period of testing they realised it was fine and within a day he returned to put it back in the car only to find the battery was dead.
"Highly recommended - they repaired my E46 cluster
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Highly recommended - they repaired my E46 cluster which was totally dead and also had a failed LED. It was amazing to see it back in action and working perfectly - better than ever. Lee was really helpful and informative. Thanks!
"Brilliant service, can't fault them as had previously 2 mechanics
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Brilliant service, can't fault them as had previously 2 mechanics look to solve my problem, this was sorted by Electrotech, very nice friendly service, will certainly keep them in mind for any future help required, thank you once again, much appreciated
"Top notch service and the results were amazing!!
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Top notch service and the results were amazing!!! Got the performance map, car runs fantastic and MPG is unbelievable!!!!! Would not hesitate in recommending Elecrotech to anyone!!

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