ECU Remapping .

ECU Remapping .

With a performance ECU Remap from Electrotech you can increase BHP and torque by up to 30% allowing you to enjoy a much more responsive, lively and powerful driving experience.

Not only will your engine produce more power it will also benefit from increased torque, much sharper throttle response and reduced turbo lag which will enhance the driving experience of your vehicle greatly.

Performance remaps on vehicles fitted with a turbo charger benefit from massive power gains, whilst naturally aspirated (not turbo) vehicles can also benefit from better/smoother performance throughout the rev range.

Once our Performance Remap has been applied to your vehicle it will have a lot more low end rev range power and torque which in most cases will also lead to increased fuel economy. Obviously, if you’re driving the car harder after a remap you will not notice any improvement in fuel economy, but if you drive smoothly and carefully you will notice an improvement in MPG, especially on long journeys.



Repair Form .

Repair Form .

Thank you .

Now carefully package your faulty module/speedometer along with the repair form we have just sent you via email, and send it to us at:

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M22 5TG