Pixel Repair For Your Dashboard As The Future Becomes Reality

Pixel Repair Becomes More Apparent With Dashboard Development


We all remember KITT don’t we, the talking dashboard that had more buttons than a nuclear reactors control panel. Well how close are we to the reality of our cars soon looking like this with digital dashboards becoming so much more apparent and the new “standard” within car manufacturing accross the world.

We have all seen the dashboard come on so much in the last decade, it is scary to think about just how little our old dashboard could actually do and tell us back in the 80’s, let alone how little we could control from the pilots position as driver of our vehicle, that is when compared to todays smart phone compatible dashboard technology allowing us to surf, navigate, even communicate via phone call and text & so much more. For example look here below we have:


MK 2 Escort Dashboard  produced from 1975


Since this time we have seen developments similar to flying cars we were seeing in sci-fi films at this time, so if this is the future now from this very standard analogue dash with such minimal information available to the driver, and really not too accurate information at that, to today with vehicles having compatibility to your phone as you sit down it al connects wirelessly and your car dash is then an extension of your personal technology with guidance systems lke this image

a 2013 Ford Fusion dash


We have even seen extra screens added into our dash boards in a central position for optimal viewing from any of the seating positions within the vehicle and these screens truly show the technology advancement we have seen since the early 80’s, what with Digital TV (with all channels from home), DVD Playback Usually Comes as standard in vehicles with screens these days, this is due to Multi Media Player Technology allowing one single Playback unit to be able to handle Music & Video playback to be read.

Then with the introduction of USB Ports connected directly to our vehicles media system, allowing file reading direct to playback. Not to forget Bluetooth Technology, being utilised to allow wireless linking between device and vehicle, just by getting in the vehicle you are connecting, this is due to the Bluetooth connection remaining available constantly from the vehicle, but only being able to connect (once paired), when you are within that vehicles bluetooth receiving distance. (Commonly 10-15 metres)

When Does Your Dashboard Need Pixel Repair


In order to require pixel repair you will have to be driving a pretty up to date vehicle, although we have now certainly come from an analogue time into a digital revolution. With this we now commonly have digital screens as part of our dashboard display, with pixels being used to form words, numbers, even pictures + Warnings. These come on screens varying in size from 2″ – 10″ and some come even bigger, some with display capabilities for multiple types of media. These Pixels can fault and lead to failed displays like the example to the left we have here showing a range rover pixel fault you can clearly see here the mixing pixels causing faulty display data and some unreadable text and numbers which as we are sure you can imagine is very irritating not to mention dangerous as fault information you may need to be aware of will go unnoticed as you may not be able to see the fault information clearly enough to read it.

After Pixel Repair Is Carried Out


We have seen many makes and models in need of pixel repair, but as of yet have not come across a repair that we could not complete. The process has a 100% success rate as far as we are concerned. We are very competitively priced within this market as there can be significant differences in price between the companies offering this service, so do be sure to get a  few quotes and ensure you are receiving the service for the right price. We would love to know if you can find a cheaper quote than ourselves. We commonly find this repair to take about 1-2 hrs, with dashboard removal being required. Commonly the fault will be a ribbon cable that attaches the display unit to the PCB, once this ribbon cable is replaced we have that in 95% of cases the pixel repair is complete and the display will then be showing all data in correct form and will look as shown in the image within this text, also see above the image of this same dash prior to the pixel repair taking place so you can compare and see the true effect of faulty pixels on the display and the true need for pixel repair if this is your situation.

Most Common Vehicles For Pixel Repair


Although many makes and models do suffer from this problem and we have carried out this repair on many different vehicles, we have found 3 vehicles to be very popular customers for the Pixel Repair Service we offer,  these 3 vehicles are:

  • Range Rover   (With Chassis Type L322)
  • BMW    E53  X5
  • BMW    E39  5 Series


Why Pixel Repair Will Become Common In The Vehicles Of The Future


We just quickly wanted to finish by showing you the possibilities for the future with an image of a dashboard developed by Panasonic for “cars of the future” or again in what will seem like no time at all to the next generation.  You can clearly see that this is out there as far as design functionality with a steering wheel such as that, but what will it be capable of ……… Really ?


Another we have found is this Ingenious “Concept” Design Dashboard from Saab …Yes Saab, and again all you see is the future and think surely not. But we say “Why Not ?”