Mercedes Benz ECU Remapping Vs New SLS Black Series

Mercedes Benz ECU Remapping Has Met Its Match

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Yes we can use Specialised Mercedes Benz ECU Remapping to enhance the performance of your Mercedes, but with models such as this, the Mercedes Benz SLS…………… BLACK SERIES ! YES the makers at Mercedes have indeed taken an already amazing example of power and performance and made it INSANE !



Just look here below at our list of just some of the upgrades to the already exhilarating standard SLS to create this masterpiece BLACK SERIES which happens to be the 5th Black Series Model from AMG and includes features such as this:

  • 1550 Kgs !  (70 Kgs Lighter than a standard SLS)
  • 6.3 Ltr V8 AMG (Each Individually Hand Built by 1 Sole Technician at the Affalterbach Plant)
  • 0-60 3.6 secs (standard SLS 3.9 secs so 0.3 sec quicker)
  • Top Speed  199 MPH
  •  Coil-Over AMG Ride Control Suspension Technology
  • Ceramic Composite Brakes
  • Lightweight Alloy Wheels
  • Latest Technology High PerformanceTyres
  • AMG Electronic Differential
  • Titanium Exhaust (Beter Sound & 13 Kgs Lighter than the standard’s steel version)
  • Lithium Ion Battery (8 Kgs Lighter than the standard one)
  • New version of the AMG Speedshift DCT 7- Speed Automatic Gearbox
  • New Cam Shafts & Intake Ducting
  • Gas Strut Engine Support For Optimised Load Changing at High Speed
  • 50 % More Rigidity Within the Chassis
  • Lightweight Racing Seats
  • F1 Style Steering Wheel
  • Additional Options of Aerodynamic Body Kits and Other aesthetically pleasing bits are also available but obviously with an AMG Black Series Price Tag To Match.


Speaking of price brings us to the ultimate point in question, we have all this technology and additional performance enhancing features and changes yet really,….  does it bring that much additional power and performance to authorise the additional cost because lets be honest even though the new SLS Black Series has had no spoken price confirmed we all know it is going to cost close to a 4 bedroom detached in Cheshire.

With this in mind we ask you to consider all options and to see the true increases in power and performance to be so little we ask is it truly worth it ? for the big spender yes we understand it is the Black Series and we would love to have all the extra technology and additional parts as it is a masterpiece in its own right.

However for a fraction of the cost we can perform Specialist Mercedes Benz ECU Remapping to most models giving increased performance levels and a more driver focused experience behind the wheel, so with todays market and the expected prices of this and most other vehicles in this performance range, we ask for you to first look at the option of upgrading your current vehicle with one of our performance enhancing services such as the ECU Remapping or Engine Remapping services or even the Diesel Tuning Service or even the Diesel Engine Remapping, all providing increased levels of performance and thus providing a more exhilarating driving experience.

Please take a final look and contemplation over the figures with these images below of the SLS Black Series in as exotic a location as the vehicle itself. We then hope to hear from you soon.


For anyone actually considering purchasing this fine example of technological brilliance please consider white or view the mat black paint option .