Instrument Cluster Repairs

After my instrument cluster has been repaired will it need reprogramming? and will the mileage be the same?

Yes when we repair your instrument cluster we do not adjust/ change the mileage or the coding, so it will not need reprogramming.

Once you remove the crash data from my airbag ECU will it need coding/reprogramming to my car?

No your Airbag ECU will not need reprogramming once we have removed crash data.

Do you offer a service where you can come out and repair my faulty instrument cluster at my home/workplace?

In some cases we can repair your unit on site, alternatively if we need to perform the repair in our workshop we can arrange to remove/refit your instrument cluster at your home/workplace then we will come and re-fit it once the repair is complete.

I’ve been having this same problem intermittently with my instrument cluster for years now, what if once you’ve performed the repair it happens again in the future?

As with all of our repairs we only use the highest quality oe parts/components, then once the repair is complete we perform a full 24 hour bench test at our workshop. We do this so we can offer a Full 2 year warranty, We are extremely confident in the high quality of workmanship and most repairs will outlast the lifetime of the vehicle.

If i decide to sell my vehicle within your warranty period can the potential new buyer claim with you if there was a problem?

Yes of course, when and if you were to sell/pass on your vehicle to somebody else then just simply provide them with the invoice for work carried out by us.

Do you sell instrument clusters/Ecu’s etc?

No unfortunately we do not sell these parts but we can repair almost all modules.

Do you repair ECU’s?

No we do Not repair Engine ECU’s, Nor can we test them. We only offer a crash data removal service for Airbag ECU’s if the vehicle has been involved in a crash and the Airbags have been deployed.

My airbag light is on but I’m not sure if my airbag ecu has crash data in it?

Generally unless your airbags have been deployed in a crash then your Airbag Ecu will not have crash data stored in it. In this case we can come out and scan your vehicle for fault codes and give you an accurate description of the problem(s).

Do you offer an International Service?

Yes we can arrange to post repairs etc internationally, please call us or email to arrange prior to sending any items in to us.

If i have my ECU remapped will it affect the Fuel Economy?

Yes we in most cases Fuel Economy is increased by 10-20%, however with some performance remaps this increase is not as great, but it does depend on how and where you drive.

Is it safe to Remap my vehicle, will it cause any problems with my engine/gearbox?

All of our maps are written within safe parameters for your engine/gearbox/running gear. But you must ensure that your vehicle has been looked after and correctly serviced/maintained before we would advise performing engine ECU remapping.

Do I need to inform my insurance company of a remap?

Yes you must inform your insurance of any performance/cosmetic modifications (non standard equipment on your vehicle).

I’ve attempted to repair my instrument cluster myself but I’ve now damaged it even more, can you still repair it?

Yes in most cases we can, we will have to inspect and assess the damage first, give us a call or drop us an email to discuss.

I need my instrument cluster repairing, I have already got the required parts, can you fit them for me?

No unfortunately we only use our high quality parts that we source from our suppliers, we have spent many years discovering which are the best quality parts/components for the different instrument clusters we repair and we only like to use the parts/components we know and trust, this allows us to offer a comprehensive 24 month warranty on all our repairs.

How can I pay for work carried out by Electrotech?

We accept most forms of payment including Debit card/credit card/BACS/Paypal/Cash

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