Engine Remapping Makes Mini GP

Clever Engine Remapping & A Bigger Intercooler.

These are the two main factors in what makes the new Mini GP the car it is. Not to shy away from the other factors, although understated in the level of performance gained, they are certainly the elements contributing to the aesthetically pleasing visual upgrade.



Some of the visual enhancements actually have great beneficial purpose when it comes to handling which at the end of the day this is intended to be the ultimate racing edition Mini, so handling should be a contributing factor in the upgrades to the more common Cooper S for example.en it comes to the handling of the new GP edition Mini, which lets be honest, is at the





It does not take long when looking around the new Mini GP to see the external body modifications and badges that indicate this is indeed a Racing Thoroughbred Edition and has start to finish been designed to be as agile and responsive as possible with complimentary body styling to show this.




Whilst the inside has also got a number of tell tail additions to help enforce the race feel and appearance of the GP.  Whilst we also see removals have taken place with the rear seats being missing,  in their place there is a strengthening strut brace across the two rear suspension struts, this is certainly a race edition modification to happen to any vehicle.




With added rigidity to the chassis for cornering whilst allowing much greater cornering speeds, on a track for example this would result in greater lap times being possible with little effort on the drivers behalf, this is due to the chassis being so much more responsive and able to perform direction change manoeuvres so much better.

Its The Engine Remapping & Upgraded Intercooler That Really Do It.



With the Mini using a Supercharger to up the power of the little petrol 4 cylinder engine it is no surprise that a Big Intercooler has been mounted to the top of the engine for improved air flow. When the demand for air is as high as what it is in the supercharged system, it is not just about having enough air its about having the exact right amount of air to match the exact amount of fuel to create the best performance output possible.






This is where our world begins as Engine Remapping is now required, this is the electrical management of the fuel and air mixture and delivery levels to the engine, with specialist tuning these levels can be altered and matched precisely to create much greater HP and NM from an engine leading to smoother quicker acceleration and performance.




This Engine Remapping process has been proven to get good results from all kinds of engine in all kinds of car and even in vans and trucks too but here with the mini it is apparent that the engine remapping process truly holds the key to the extra power this model achieves and so the performance levels it produces because of this. We here at Electrotech can unlock potential power from your Mini or any other vehicle for that matter, but with Engine Remapping and ECU Remapping we do always advise please see our Engine Remapping Section with all car manufacturers and their models listed withthe expected gain to be seen from one of our specialist services such as :

  • Engine Remapping
  • ECU Remapping
  • Diesel Remapping
  • Diesel Tuning

With all these services available to you the public it is here or you to take advantage of and see if you can get more from your vehicle or even more specifically your mini.


And what with there only being 500 of these Mini GP models being made and with a Global demand for thousands not hundreds, there is already deliberation as to how many will indeed stay in the countries they are initially being exported to and how many will indeed be snapped up and tracked down by the many prolific collectors eagerly awaiting the opportunity to obtain one of these fantastic Limited Edition Minis. With this being the case our Engine Remapping Service could be the closest many of us get to being able to experience a Mini with this level of performance, response and handling.