Suzuki ECU Remapping

SUZUKI. ¬†Although predominantly we consider Suzuki to be a Bike Manufacturer we must not ignore the fact they have also been making good strong vehicles for the UK market for years now and still to this day they can offer cheap reliable vehicles from little city cars to the more admired Vitara 4×4 model that we have all known and loved for years.

Best attribute to the Suzuki name has to be the Engine durability and life expectancy, this is down to the years they have been making their highly regarded Motorbike engines that lead the market in their sector, so it is only natural to give the car engines the same treatment, making them as highly regarded in the Car Manufacturers Market as they are with the Motorbikes.

We have now found a way to further improve on the performance levels achievable from these engines with engine remapping more specifically specialist Suzuki ECU Remapping Services and Diesel Tuning of engines like the DCI, DDis and HDi etc.

Listed below are the increases in hp and NM you could be expecting to see from having the service carried out on your Suzuki now so take a look for your model and engine.


Grand Vitara
Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.9 DCI129 hp159 hp300 NM350 NM
Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0 TDI 109109 hp135 hp270 NM315 NM


Suzuki Ignis 1.3 DDiS 7070 hp93 hp170 NM225 NM


Suzuki Santana 2.0 HDI 9090 hp116 hp160 NM210 NM


Suzuki Swift 1.3 DDiS 6969 hp94 hp170 NM220 NM
Suzuki Swift 1.3 DDiS 7575 hp100 hp190 NM235 NM


Suzuki Vitara 2.0 HDI 109109 hp129 hp250 NM305 NM


Wagon R
Suzuki Wagon R 1.3 DT 6969 hp92 hp170 NM210 NM

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