Smart ECU Remapping

SMART.  Revolutionary within the small car market, Smart has gone from strength to strength since introducing the head turning Smart For Two, with size previously unseen on the roads, tax brackets equal to a bike, and a bike engine for improved economy over pretty much any car. The smart range offers some of the most economical cheapest cars to run and own on the road today.

However with these small engines performance is not their strongest point, the vehicles, but now you can have the best of all worlds with Smart ECU Remapping we can now offer you increased power both hp and NM as the engine remap will give you better performance better response and smoother acceleration.


Smart ForFour 1,5 CDI 9595 hp118 hp210 NM265 NM
Smart ForFour 1.5 CDI 6868 hp93 hp160 NM210 NM


Smart Roadster 6161 hp78 hp95 NM125 NM
Smart Roadster 8282 hp97 hp110 NM130 NM


Smart 4545 hp68 hp70 NM97 NM
Smart CDI 4141 hp59 hp100 NM139 NM
Smart CDI 5555 hp68 hp80 NM98 NM

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