Mini ECU Remapping

MINI.  The great British classic. Loved by millions of people all over the world and owned in some way or at some time by almost all of us too, we all love the mini.

Since its being re-designed by BMW a few years ago it would be safe to say the old following is yet again coming out in force with both old owners and new owners coming together to increase the number of minis on British and indeed Global Roads significantly. With this in mind, we ask all the owners to look below at the potential increase in hp and NM we could bring you with a Mini ECU Remapping Service.

Also please look at the new Mini GP 2012 as this itself is no more than a cooper with uprated intercooler (top mounted) and yes you guessed it AN ECU REMAP! So why not see below how close you could get to the GP power level with our ECU Remapping Services Now.


Mini (-2006)
Model Original Electrotech Original Electrotech
Mini Cooper 1.6 115 115 hp 125 hp 150 NM 165 NM
Mini Cooper 1.6 S Kompressor 170 170 hp 190 hp 220 NM 260 NM
Mini One 1.4 D 75 75 hp 105 hp 180 NM 221 NM
Mini One 1.6 90 90 hp 99 hp 140 NM 165 NM
Mini One D 1.4 88 88 hp 115 hp 190 NM 240 NM


Mini (+2006)
Model Original Electrotech Original Electrotech
Mini Cooper 1.6 120 120 hp 132 hp 160 NM 175 NM
Mini Cooper 1.6 D 16V 110 110 hp 142 hp 240 NM 300 NM
Mini Cooper S 1.6 175 175 hp 203 hp 240 NM 305 NM
Mini One 1.4 16V 95 95 hp 104 hp 140 NM 155 NM

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